Legendary Melodic Metal


Once in a while it happens that a new band approaches to the scene and immediately takes the hearts of the melodic metal world by storm. ALTARIA, with their 2003 debut album “Invitation” can be regarded as such.
Founded by ex-BLINDSIDE members Marko Pukkila (bass) and Tony Smedjebacka (drums) in 2000 and after recording a couple of demos together with guitarist Jani Liimatainen (ex-SONATA ARCTICA), both media and fans saw themselves forced to give this band a massive push! Before the recordings of the debut album guitarist Emppu Vuorinen (NIGHTWISH) also joined the band.

The band released  five sucsessful albums (INVITATION (2003) DIVINITY (2004) THE FALLEN EMPIRE (2006) DIVINE INVITATION (2008) UNHOLY (2009)) till the band decided 2016 to call it quits and played a farewell show in Finland at the legendary Nummirock Festival. This special show included performances of all former ALTARIA members.

Now in 2019, after being buried for a few years and over 1,2 MILLION views of their song “Unchain The Rain” on Youtube, ALTARIA is back from the grave with their legendary and most successful 2006 lineup and has signed a worldwide record deal with Reaper Entertainment Europe.