Female Fronted Metal from Finland


If you think about how long it takes for some bands to get a foothold in the music business and to present themselves to countless fans worldwide, you should have a lot of respect for EVIL DRIVE. The Finish quintet was founded in 2013, exactly five years ago, and mastered the first hurdles on their way to the big stages brilliantly. The Finns only needed two years to achieve their first record deal for their Melodic Death/Thrash Metal. The Danish label Mighty Music released their debut album „The Land Of The Dead“ in 2015 which also marks the year the band stepped into the focus of a fitting listenership for the first time. At the same time, the scene press reacted quite positive to the newcomers and their first album received good review and the deserved recognition.


Since then, EVIL DRIVE have increased their live appearances and developed musically as well. In their own creative forge, the Evil Drive Studio, the band continuously worked on new material has now been collected on their upcoming album „Ragemaker“. As you will notice, the band has improved in every aspect. The sound is more powerful, the songwriting more delicate and varied and the instrumental parts have gained audible technical dexterity. Also singer Viktoria Viren has expanded her vocal range, making her vocals more colorful and haunting than ever before. One of the biggest wins is J-P Pusa, who joined the band as guitarist and directly started to work on each and every aspect of the band. Not only did he produce the album, he has also worked diligently on the songwriting and the arrangements together with the rest of the band, making the sound of „Ragemaker“ much more impressive than its predecessor’s. Not only did EVIL DRIVE initiate their own progress, they also reached the attention of Reaper Entertainment: this still young label from Germany directly signed them with a three album deal.