German Death Metal


The inside-tip DEAD ALONE is back with their new work called “Serum“. On the fith album the musicians remained true to atmospheric Death Metal and managed to develop their unique trademarks at the same time. “Serum“ the the band’s most innovative, complex and catching album yet.

DEAD ALONE mirror an oppressive reality in which humanitiy causes its own apocalypse by merciless exploiting faith and hope. „With “Serum“ the band kicks their autience into that world that is based on roaring guitars, driving drums and an intense bass. Above the music singer Florian Hefft’s vocals sit enthroned an reign with desperate screams, agressive nagging and deep growls. Ornately interwoven orchester parts carry through this massive piece of art.

“Serum“ was produced at Perlsound Studio (Munich), the drums were recorded at Forester Studios (e. g. THRÄNENKIND, HERETOIR). Frieder Loch (Ex-TODTGELICHTER) did parts of the orchestration and synthies. “Serum“ got its powerful yet transparent sound by Dinos „Psychon“ Prassas (Live-Guitar in SEPTICFLESH) who did the mix and mastering.

It took DEAD ALONE three years until they achieved the perfect interplay of artwork, lyrics and music. “Serum“ is a demanding and intense journey that the listener won’t get out of his head easily. Highly recommended for fans of PARADISE LOST, SEPTICFLESH und ENSLAVED!